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The Edible Campsite

Welcome to mini camping and B&B Kostverloren 11. Perhaps the smallest campsite in the Netherlands. And what could be more fun and tasty than being able to eat at the campsite.

The campsite is designed according to the principle of a food forest.

A food forest is a form of agroforestry characterized by low-maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production based on forest ecosystems, integrating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers and whose yields are useful to humans. -

In the garden, mini forest, you can find the following layers of a food forest:

Canopy layer (Large trees, 8+ m) for example Walnut, Linden, Cherry,
Intermediate layer (Small Trees, Large Shrubs, 3 to 8 m), for example the Hazel
Shrub layer (Small shrubs, 1 to 3 m), for example the redcurrant.
Herb layer (0.20 - 1m), for example nettle, mint and various herbs
Ground cover plants (0 to 0.20 m), for example the Wild Strawberry
Climbing plants: for example Grapes

There are also a number of “weed” species that can be eaten in different ways. At reception we have a booklet with most of the crops that you can find in the mini forest. There is also a brief description of what you can do with it and what it tastes like.

Don't forget to look in the vegetable garden and vegetable garden containers during the picking tour.

Pick them and enjoy your meal!

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